10 Feb 2015

Therese Pritchard Of Bryan Cave, On Leadership, Women In Law, And The Habits Of Successful Attorneys

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | February 9, 2015 In 1973, women comprised only 12.1% of J.D. enrollment. In 2013, they comprised 47%, a massive leap.  More recently, and perhaps more importantly, we’ve seen a narrowing of the gap in employment, advancement, and remuneration. The ABA Commission on Women tells us that in 2001 women comprised 29.7% of all lawyers. This number steadily climbed to 34% in 2013. In 2001 women comprised 15.63% of partners in law firms […]

09 Feb 2015

Jon Taffer Of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue: ‘I Know What The Common Denominator Of Failure Is’

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | February 8, 2015 Career success is difficult. Multiple career successes are exponentially more so. Today I speak with Jon Taffer, who is best known as the no-nonsense, in-your-face host of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, where he drives failing bar owners to take ownership of their shortcomings to turn their businesses around. And while his particular brand of bedside manner is one of his greatest assets, he is also a man of many other talents. Along with being […]

05 Feb 2015

Benjamin Nurick Of Bodega Pictures, On The Reality Behind Reality TV

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | February 4, 2015 There is a lot of programming on television. Going back to my childhood, I remember having to (actually) turn a dial to watch one of only a handful of channels—ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and that was about it. Now, between cable and the internet, there are thousands of options. Perhaps most contrarian is today’s celebrity. Where, 30 years ago, full time, scripted celebrities like Alyssa Milano, Will Smith or […]

04 Feb 2015

Steven Browne Of Morgan Lewis, On The Lessons Of Bingham McCutchen

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | February 3, 2015 Without searching the web, see if you recognize any of the following brands: Brad’s Drink, BackRub, Blue Ribbon Sports, or Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web. None of them ring a bell? Not surprising. While it is unlikely that you’ve heard these names, it is also unlikely that you’ve navigated the last year without using at least one of their products or services. These are the predecessor aliases […]

23 Dec 2014

TruTV’s Hardcore Pawn, On The Business Of People And Pawning

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | December 22, 2014 Next to the speed of light, which Einstein tells us is the only absolute in the universe, second only to that, I rank money. Sol Nazerman – The Pawnbroker The Pawnbroker is an adaptation from Edward Lewis Wallant’s novel of the same name. It surrounds (fictitious) German-Jewish University Professor Sol Nazerman who loses his family and his spirit to a German concentration camp. In his post-camp survival, along with […]

20 Dec 2014

The Sony Breach Carries Broad Implications Surrounding National Security

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | December 19, 2014 While consumer-related cyber-attacks have been gaining momentum over the years—think the Target data breach in 2013 and Home Depot breach this year—none have the same gravity of the recent North Korean Sony attack. Forcing millions of people to go through the rigmarole of switching cards, and forcing banks to spend millions of dollars to rectify the situation is expensive and annoying. Potentially forcing the most powerful nation in the […]

16 Dec 2014

Bradley J. Butwin Of O’Melveny & Myers: “We Don’t Devise Strategies Divorced From Clients”

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | December 15, 2014 “The minute you get away from fundamentals—whether it’s proper technique, work ethic or mental preparation—the bottom can fall out of your game…” Michael Jordan Michael Jordan might be the best basketball player to have ever stepped onto the court. And while incredible players come and go each year in the NBA—some arguably more talented than Jordan—no others to date have built such an enduring institution. Why? Though theories crowd the ether, there is no […]

09 Dec 2014

Counterinsurgency Expert John Nagl, On The Parallels Of Business And War

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | December 8, 2014 War is the business of barbarians – Napoleon Bonaparte We’ve all heard them before: “business as war” metaphors. While I won’t list any—no doubt you can list a bunch of your own—it is difficult to dispute the (at least) structural similarities between the two venues: Strategy, logistics, resource allocation, competencies, recruitment and retention, intelligence, leadership, and the list goes on. Stakes are high in any business arena. Poorly outfitted strategies can […]

02 Dec 2014

Eduardo Leite Of Baker & McKenzie: “We Need To Learn From Our Clients”

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | December 1, 2014 The Handbook Of Mergers & Acquisitions provides a distilled and succinct evaluation of the paths and forces that shaped some of the world’s largest professional service firms (PSFs)—now known as The Big Four. In it, the authors seek to understand the nature of the PSFs’ explosive growth: We note the effect of forces for globalization and transnational growth, which have opened up new international markets, resulting in more complex […]

19 Nov 2014

Mike Tyson: “You Have To Feel Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.”

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | November 18, 2014 “I’m a bad guy. But if I was a good guy, nobody would want to pay to see me fight.” Mike Tyson – The New York Times Niccolo Machiavelli is perhaps best known for considering the dichotomy of fear and love as they relate to a ruler gaining and maintaining power: Upon this a question arises: whether it be better to be loved than feared or feared than loved? It […]