30 Oct 2013

The Millennial Lawyer And BigLaw Hunger Games

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | Oct 30th, 2013   Generation Y catches a pretty bad rap in the media, see USA Today, The New York Times and The Atlantic, to name a few. Narcissistic, idealistic, entitled and attention seeking, these are just some of the labels they’ve been given by surveys and data in volumes too sizeable to ignore. Maybe you were in some store, in some mall, somewhere, bathing in condescension from the somehow pompous twenty-something […]

23 Oct 2013

Dow Lohnes: Lessons For Law Firm Leadership

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | Oct 22nd, 2013   In what is not just another brick in 2013’s consolidation wall, Cooley LLP, a Palo Alto-based law firm known for its tech, energy and life sciences work is set to absorb 54 lawyers from Dow Lohnes, PLLC. An official press release on Dow Lohnes’s website states that “Cooley LLP announced today that it is combining with Dow Lohnes PLLC’s Washington, DC office. Through the transaction, Cooley will be […]

16 Oct 2013

Harvard, Da Vinci and Law Firm Pedigrees

The following post originally appeared on Forbes | Oct 16th, 2013   In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Why Law Firm Pedigree May Be a Thing of the Past, Dina Wang and Firoz Dattu contend that, where a law firm’s pedigree was an important measure in a General Counsel’s buying algorithm, today, “… there is a growing body of legal work that simply won’t be sent to the most pedigreed law firms, most typically because general counsel are laser […]